The self-hosted cloud that takes you almost no time to setup and just works.

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Features, you will love


Without much bingle-bongle. Just simply manage your files.


Just use DropYet the way you want it.


Files safely stored at your place of desire.

Use it whereever you want

Currently there is no App for DropYet, but you can use it perfectly in your mobile browser.
DropYet won't use much of your data volume.

Moreover, you now also profit from the new dark mode and the renewed security features.

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Simple and easy


Control who accesses your data

Your files under your control.

You should decide who should have access to your files and who not. This is why you host your DropYet by yourself at your favourite hosting-provider, or simply at home eg. via a Raspberry Pi. To make life hard for hackers, your password will be encrypted with SHA512.

See who's accessing your files

You can always see who is accessing your data.

If you want to, DropYet can inform you via e-mail about all accesses to your data. Furthermore, you can see all activities in your log-file.


Colorful like you

Just setup your DropYet like you want it

Your DropYet always informs you about upcoming updates and new features. Further than that, you can also choose your favourite color for your DropYet, as well as your favourite wallpaper.


Decide with whom you share

"With a tap of a button" you can decide about law and order

Just decide for yourself, what you want to share and what not. Your files are simply devided in your two modes.

  • 1
    Download DropYet for free

    You can get it here

  • 2
    Install and configure your DropYet via the Quick-Assistant

    Problems with the installation? Just have a look here: Support

  • 3
    Enjoy the easy handling with your data

    Any questions? => Create a ticket in our support-center


What others say about DropYet


Download DropYet right here for free


Frequently asked questions

Where can I get help?

All documentations here just for you. For further help you can create a ticket on the documentations page.

How does the demo work?

Username: demo | Password: demo
For safety reasons you can only upload .txt files. You cannot change neither the password nor the username.

Can I disable E-mail notifications?

Yeah, simply leave the email input empty.

No webspace. What now?

Create an account at, 000webhost or! Bplaced not longer offers free webspaces with cURL support. DropYet won't work there.


News & Announcements

There are currently no open announcements.

*This message will also be shown in your DropYet.

One Cloud for all platforms.

Just install DropYet on your webserver and use it in your browser.

*older might have to deal with security issues

Current version: v2.4.6.8