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New Version!

There is plenty of work, but it is genius anyway!
With the new version DropYet has changed drastically. But there is still much potential. Attention: If you want to work with me, just contact me and we can develop DropYet together. It remains a work of mine, but you will be named.. and honored.. and.. yeah. :)

Safety (without warranty)

What is DropYet?

It's simple, it's clean, it's DropYet. DropYet is the minimum of cloud you need to save and share files with people in your vicinity. You do not have to configure a database or much php files. Simply navigate to the "install"-directory in your browser and install DropYet. Voilà! Open your DropYet under an url like www.mydomain.com/dropyet and enjoy it.


Benefits and Information

DropYet is very light, it's only 3MB in size, so it won't too take much space from your server. DropYet detects if your connection is encrypted or not, so that also laymans can use DropYet securely. If you have found any security breachs, please contact me immediately. You can change the design and all other important things in the settings. I work currently on more.


Here are some questions and their answers including some screenshots.


No webspace. What now?

Create an account at web4free.eu, 000webhost or bplaced.net!
Bplaced not longer offers free webspaces with cURL support. DropYet won't work there.

Visit web4free

Where can I get help?

All documentations here just for you. For further help you can create a ticket on the documentations page.


How does the Demo work?

Username: demo | Password: demo
For safety reasons you can only upload .txt files.
You cannot change neither the password nor the username.


Can I disable email notifications?

Yeah, simply leave the email input empty.

Older versions and more: