Version “Space Invader” (12/23/2022)

  • Removed option to send log via email
  • Added option to export log.txt (replaces mail-option)
  • Minor fixes in installer tool

Version “Space Invader” (08/09/2022)

  • Darkmode is no more a beta version
  • Adjusted and darkened colors of darkmode
  • Replaced shortlink linkin in top menu with a external service
  • Removed QR-Code linking from top menu

Version “Space Invader” (04/01/2021)

  • Date in DropYet-License updates
  • Notification tool added (DropYet can now show dynamic developer news)
  • Credits reworked
  • DropYet can now detect if it’s not set up and will now help you to find the setup tool
  • Security code can now be regenerated manually via “Security”-Tab
  • Bug fixed, where you could have accessed the private date even if there was a security code
  • Security cookie will now be directly deleted after log out
  • You should now have no more access to the upload window if you are not logged in

Version “Space Invader” (03/29/2021)

  • Credits added
  • DropYet now generates a security code to safe your data vor unwanted accesses. (After update to you have to generate this code once. If you install a fresh copy, DropYet will do that for you)
  • DropYet can now check if there is a security code
  • Darkmode added (beta)
  • New Logo in “About”-Tab”
  • “That’s new…”-Button added – will be shown if there is a new update available
  • Added notification in main view if log was sent via email
  • Corrected max. characters to 70 when renaming files & folders
  • Username will now be shown in a blue badge in lower left-hand corner

Version “Space Invader” (2020)

  • Log can now be activated and deactivated in settings menu
  • New notification, that DropYet’s settings changes will take affect after a page reload

Version “Space Invader” (2019)

  • DropYet now displays the correct font “Lato” on Macs

Version “Space Invader”

  • update-button will now be deactivated if you already have the latest version
  • fixed bug in updatesystem

Version “Space Invader”

  • DropYet now informs you if a new update is available
  • different technology to get latest version

Version 2.4.6 “Space Invader”

  • updated “About”-tab
  • DropYet now checks for latest version in “About”-tab (beta)
  • DropYet shows warning if it can’t check latest version
  • added updatefunction (beta)
  • implemented .axx as “crypto”-format
  • DropYet now sends an e-mail if someone changed the settings
  • updates link to documentations in “readme”-file
  • added a Firefox compatibility mode (“Delete”-button will now be replaced with a link when using Firefox)
  • added random-background as option (using Unsplash)
  • changed “Settings”-menu a bit

Version 2.4.5 “Space Invader”

  • integrated new login screen
  • you can now choose between 10 different wallpapers in login (more options soon)
  • added PHP-version of your server in the “About”-Tab as general information (for problems etc.)
  • added link to file encryption tool “Encrypto”
  • DropYet can now detect the most common encrypted filetypes and symbolizes them with a golden lock
  • updates link to documentations
  • changed icon for “previous directory”
  • updated “Safety”-tab
  • improved visibility
  • updated language
  • removed bugs
  • updated “About”-tab

Version “Space Invader”

  • replaced md5-encryption with SHA512 – improves security especially with long passwords
  • added Spanish as language
  • added new password analyzer
  • if no email added in settings, the “send log”-button will be disabled

Version 2.4.4 “Space Invader”

  • added md5-encryption (password will no longer be saved in clear text)
  • added file renaming – you can now rename files and folders with a double click next to the item
  • changed settings so that you have to confirm that you want to change your password
  • removed password analyzing tool because md5 makes passwords unreadable

Version 2.4.3 “Space Invader”

  • changed look of security overview a bit for more visibility
  • corrected the file counter so the “.htaccess”-file will not be counted anymore
  • removed Edge from “incompatible browser”-list due to big improvement in Microsoft’s Edge Browser in Windows 10 Update 1803
  • added a upload progress bar (still needs some improvement)
  • added a DropYet-Logo in readme-file
  • updated browser database
  • corrected bug in settings where current language isn’t readable after installation
  • changed loading bar – loading bar will now take the look of the current set ambient color in settings and is bigger

Version 2.4.2 “Space Invader”

  • decent warning for temporarily not fully supported Edge-Browser (by all of our services)
  • changed to newer Bootstrap Version
  • corrected htaccess-files
  • improved mobile view a bit
  • replaced bootstrap.min.js with bootstrap.js because of incompatibility

Version 2.4.1 “Space Invader”

  • Warning for temporarily unsupported Firefox-Browser (updated Browser database) – (searching for solution)
  • recommendation for Opera instead
  • corrected some spelling mistakes

Version 2.4.0 “Space Invader”

  • settings now show the current chosen option
  • outdated files were deleted
  • logo was replaced with .svg file to reduce load times
  • browser-database was updated to detect outdated or incompatible browsers better
  • log can’t be deleted without being logged in anymore
  • DropYet now shows the overall size of the current mode and the overall size of both modes together with a nice chart
  • DropYet now knows more filetypes (like .key, .ini, .dll) and gives them icons
  • Bootstrap and jQuery were updated for more compatibility
  • due to this, menus can now only closed by clicking in the “close”-button
  • there is now only one install-file which can be used with different languages
  • languages were updated
  • statistics can now be used for the installation (experimental)
  • the “about”-tab was updated
  • the log can now send by a click of a button to the email set up in the settings
  • the mobile view was optimized for smartphone-users (a bit)
  • activity emails now also log the “user-agent” (Browser and OS)
  • DropYet now gives you feedback about the security-status of your password
  • the file chooser now can “speak” your language
  • the “delete”-button now is red
  • fixed a bug in the mobile view

Version 2.3.2 “Colorcode”

  • added chinese as Language
  • updated license
  • added little icons in settings
  • corrected some language mistakes
  • updated browser database and added new dialog for outdated browsers
  • updated the “Thanks to” list and the “About”-Tab
  • updated time- and date formats
  • added new beautiful Read-me-file

Version 2.3.1 “Colorcode”

  • added “.htaccess”-file with some coding against cross-site scripting
  • fixed a bug in the settings tab
  • added feature that will dye your Android-Chrome header in the color you’ve chosen
  • named it “Colorcode” (every version now will get a name… maybe)
  • dyed favicons purple (DropYet color)
  • added “save” and “upload” button next to “close” button for better accessibility
  • added browser detection and warning
  • updated documentations
  • reduced DropYet in size

Version 2.3

  • robots.txt (Searchengines will ignore your DropYet)
  • Loading-bar (Site will appear when its loaded completely)
  • New font (improved legibility)
  • Logo (added new logo)
  • Timeformat (available in settings)
  • Cursor bug fixed
  • License now opens in a tab
  • You can now clear the log
  • corrected spelling mistakes and other bugs

Version 2.2

  • fixed big backdoor
  • added username to the left-hand corner
  • added SSL-detector for more safety
  • improved language (a bit :D)
  • added “About”-Tab with important information
  • added license
  • settings will no longer reset after change
  • prepared things for the next version
  • added thank-you list for developers
  • added “Log”-Tab where you can access your Logs
  • fixed some links

Version 2.1

  • added english language
  • added settings for colours of design
  • added public and private mode
  • added safety features like cookie encryption
  • added new mime-type symbols