This is how you create a secure password

Since the newest version, DropYet now has a 128-bit SHA512 encryption. Despite all the nice encryption, there is still the possibility to decode weak passwords. That is why you should follow these three golden rules to choose a password.:

  1. Length:
    Choose a preferably long password. A length of 8 characters is perfectly adequate, but the level of security increases with more characters. You might choose a password between 15 and 20 characters. Whilst simple passwords would be decoded just within minutes, it would took criminals decades or even centuries if you have a very good password.
  2. Varied:
    Choose many different characters and numbers to make your password even safer. Easy to remeber passwords are often practical, but not very secure because they are too simple. Chose a preferably cryptic password and optionally use a passwordmanager to “remeber” your passwords.
  3. Unique:
    Choose a preferably unique password. This rule is based on the previous one and is important to protect your data. Easy and often used passwords often do not have to be decrypted, because their hashs are save in big collective databases together with their passwords. Your DropYet would be hacked in seconds.

How can I get a good password?

You can let you generate a good password with apps like “1Password Passwordgenerator“.